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Legacy Network is a husband and wife blog written for ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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Ever since the global outcry of the orphan went onto a collision course with our American dream we knew we would never be the same. And that we never wanted you to be the same. It started over 10 years ago when both Alaya and I began dating and decided to go on a mission trip with our church to a small town in Russia. A town one of her four adopted siblings came from. The mission: to build a playground and gazebo for the local orphanage. After hours and hours of traveling, our old smokey bus pulled up to our destination. The excitement of trip tried to break through the haze of jet lag as we stepped out of the bus onto the dirt driveway of the Soviet era orphanage. We didn’t know then how much 10 days could alter a destiny forever. But then we didn’t realize the power of looking into an orphans eyes or watching them ride bikes with no seats. We didn’t know how seeing someone else poverty and misfortune could rise up a deep compassion within us that would never relent. Since then we have had even more encounters that have each served as a catalyst for more compassion and motivation to change the injustices our eyes witnessed. Each experience placed another brick of burden  into our hearts for the poor, oppressed, and underserved segments of society. Since then we have been dead-set on doing everything we can to impact the less fortunate and spur you on towards that greatness too.

Why Legacy Network?

This is why we have created the Legacy Network. To bring together all the crazy, audacious, and ordinary people we know who have stepped out to create an extraordinary life impacting others under one roof (albeit an online roof) so that together we can learn from each others successes and failures. Our passion through the Legacy Network is that you would get inspired, supported, educated, and kicked in the butt (*if needed!) to step out, get to it, and live the dream to change the world that God has given you to live.

Who is this for?

This blog is written for ordinary people who are uncontent with ‘life as usual.’ People who know the status quo will never work for them because, like us, the cry of humanity has pierced the vale of selfishness and you cannot shake it. We are writing to the ones who want to put up their hand, step out of the boat, and risk it all if it would mean helping even one person somewhere. We are writing to people whose largest dream isn’t a new boat, bigger retirement, or better benefits, but people who dream of adopting that child, rescueing that woman, serving that population, or impacting the world in whatever unique way your gifted to do it in. We firmly believe that you can make a difference at WHATEVER you do, you just need to step out to do it.

Our heart for adoption

Alaya grew up around adoption. Her family rescued 4 orphans from 4 different parts of the globe, and all with some sort of special need. They are from Russia, Ukraine, China, and India. These children plus the three biological meant I huge change in family size from my (Justin’s) only child family! Even though Alaya grew up seeing this in her family, her own heart and passion to adopt did not come until we looked upon the eyes of Russian orphans.

Since then, for over 10 years now, we have known we want to adopt at least one child, and we are open to Gods plan after that! This blog is another step in that direction to help inspire others towards it, but also to share our journey in adoption with you so you can be a part of it.


The question is, do we walk the talk? Here are a few things we are doing right now!

1) Started Legacy Homes MN – a real estate company under Keller Williams Realty. Justin is a real estate agent that donates 10% of each commission from helping buy or sell a home to a local adoption agency called Bethany Christian Services (watch our video together here). So just by using us, or referring us to anyone anywhere to help buy, sell, or invest we are helping orphans! Who do you know who needs help? Let us know.

2) We started this site, Legacy network, to inspire others towards adoption and helping orphans through their lives or business (as we have with Legacy Homes MN).

3) I’ve written an eBook for this site that we hope to use in raising donations for (Coming Soon!).


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  1. This is awesome! I know you all hosted but are you planning on actually adopting?? We’re pursuing adopting a child with special needs from Ukraine currently although reading about the corruption makes me nervous!

    • HellO! I’m sorry for the delay I just saw this! Yes we are actually living in Ukraine presently and in the middle of our adoption! HOw’s your process going. We are here so let us know if you need anything! We are more responsive on our Facebook page: @justinandalaya feel free to shoot us a message.

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