12: Impact Orphans, Change Everything Podcast with Claudia Fletcher from Bethany Christian Services

living to make a difference in the lives of orphans

My wife and I met Claudia Fletcher around a year and a half ago when we were deciding which adoption agency to partner with. If you don’t know, I am a real estate agent and we are dedicated to making a difference through what we do. So we donate 10% of each commission we make to Bethany Christian Services to help orphans find homes. Watch the video of our partnership with Bethany here: Adoption Video.

claudia fletcher adopting orphans
Claudia is the epitome of an ordinary person making an extraordinary difference. She started being a foster parents within months after she was married and had adopted a few years after that! Since then she has adopted 12 children and now works for Bethany Christian Services as a Regional Director. Enjoy this podcast episode

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Make a difference in adopting orphans

Top Quotes:

Adoption can change human trafficking, alcoholism, unplanned pregnancies, homelessness, and a host of other issues.

People love to throw a little time or a lot of money at a cause without really getting their hands dirty.
Adoption is the ultimate discipleship.

There is nothing more ultimate than to disciple a child that you bring into your home.

We have a society that’s very interested in what you get out of the hard things, but not the hard things.
Making a difference involves being obedient and it involves looking at others before looking at yourself.

Be willing to pay the price to make a difference.


Bethany Christian Services: http://www.bethany.org
Watch our podcast with an adoptive parent from Bethany on how they are making a difference here.