Whose Kingdom are you building?

What would the world be like if you and I lived for more than ourselves?

What statistics could be radically changed because you put your hand up to be a part of the solution?
  • Divorce
  • Orphans
  • Human Trafficking
  • Unreached people groups
  • Depressed teens
  • Debt
  • Hunger
  • Child Abuse
  • Other?

Or let me flip the script: what statistics won’t be changed if you don’t put your hand up?

What if we, as Christians, actually lived like it! What if we actually served, gave, and loved until it hurt.
What if we saw our paycheck as Gods money for Gods purpose that He has entrusted to us, and asked Him how he wants us to spend it? And, what if we saw our time the same way, as a gift from God to us to serve His purpose and to impact His people.
Can you imagine who could be helped if we intentionally lived with less so others could live with more – if we lived simply so others could simply live? That we were actually consumed with things on God’s heart: Seeking the lost, loving the lonely, rescuing the orphan, fighting for the human trafficked victim, battling for broken marriages. Instead of being consumed with a newer car, bigger house, better vacation, or more retirement?

Let’s be a people willing to build HIS Kingdom instead of just building ours!

I believe we can be the generation that sees every orphan adopted and human trafficking abolished. I believe that in our day, we can share the Gospel with every man, woman, and child! That every ear would hear and heart would know Gods love for them.

I believe we can become the greatest generation in history, if we become the most serving generation in history. (Highlight to share.)

We live in incredible days. We live in times that the apostles only dreamed of. Our opportunity and potential is endless. We were born for such a time as this friends, let’s use it for His kingdom, His glory, and His purpose.

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