04: Use what’s in your hand: Interview with Quenton Marty

Impact interview with Quenton Marty from Matter

Quenton Marty from Matter was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his day even after being at a press conference with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department! One of the many areas Matter is trying to impact is that of expanding the access to healthy food. So they are working with the department to get healthy food boxes in the back of the squad cars. That way as they come across anyone in need across their day to day activities they have something right with them to give.


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How Matter got started?

Dennis Doyle founder of Welsh companies grew in success in what he was doing and really wanted to give back.And how did he decide what to do?

He looked in his own two hands and said, “What do I have?”

He had warehouse space. He then looked where he was located and the strengths of his location, which is the food industry and the health industry. So that’s what began Hope for the City (now Matter) in gathering corporate surplus in health and food and using it to make a difference in Minnesota, USA, and internationally.


Top Sharable QUotes (highlight to share)

  • Let’s do charity in a way that restores communities long-term.
  • Provide restorative aid so communities can thrive.
  • Give people a hand up, not a hand out.

Matter more social enterprise minesota

        • “Use what’s in your hand to get to what’s in your heart.” – Brian Houston
        • Jesus said, “Bring me what you have, and I’ll do the miracle.”

Cookie Cart – started with a nun who brought people in to make cookies. Listen to their story about how they are making a difference here.

Think Big Start Small Act Fast_Matter more social entrepreneurship christian impact

        • There are some big challenges out there to tackle in the world and it’s going to take a village of us working together to get the work done. What part can you play?
        • Just ask the question: What can I do? Then get started.
        • Start making a difference, just by choosing better where you buy.

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