4 small steps towards greatness that can start today

I know many people have bad things to say about how our society is ‘these days’. Those are the naysayers. I personally have never been around or talked to so many people passionate about making a difference in the world! I love it. People today are more conscious about impacting others than almost any other generation. Social entrepreneurship is on the rise, injustices are being recognized and fought against! It’s a great day to be alive.

With that said, there can be a gap between wanting to do something great and actually doing something great.

Human trafficking orphans social entrepreneurship
And There are two main reasons for the action gap:
1. An overwhelm by the vastness of todays challenges
2. Not knowing where to even begin

It’s hard when we see that statistics about millions of orphans or hundreds of thousands of human trafficked victims. We hear that and feel hopeless and even if we do want to do something we don’t know where to start?. Since my life passion is inspiring others to make a difference, I thought I would share some starting points with you.

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Legacy network was created for this very reason, to help others know how to make a difference. On the podcast we interview other people impacting the world currently and how we can be involved (see point #2 below). We will also post regular articles to inspire and empower people to live a life that matters.

2. Shop strategically

We can actually start by buying from people like qw interview on our podcast – like buying coffee from City Kid Java, doing your online printing at Print for Change, or using us as your realtors for example! You can make a difference by buying what you would already buy, but being strategic about it.

3. Add an impact element to what you are already doing

That’s why I love doing real estate – it’s combined with my passion to help orphans. I don’t know other agents doing this. I didn’t copy them, and it wasn’t a profit scheme. I simply looked at what I was doing and thought, “now how can I impact someone else regularly through this?” Here is a video on our partnership with Bethany Christian Services – http://www.legacyhomesmn.com/bethany. Blake Mycoskie wanted to impact children in third world countries who did not have any shoes. So he started a shoe company and committed to donate 1 pair for every pair bought. What can you do with what you have?

4. Buy someone a coffee

If you want to impact people, just start being generous in little ways everyday. I have 5 things I try to do everyday and one of those is to add value to someone. What if you bought the person behind you a coffee? Or what about grabbing the bill of the table dining next to you? What if you bought a single mother some diapers or offered to cook someone dinner?

The point is that we don’t need to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of humanities needs, we just need to commit to doing something and every little something adds up to a lot.

Remember every statistic represents an individual and every individual has a name.

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