05: Business for Good: Interview with Amanda LaGrange from Tech Dump

Here’s why you need to listen to Episode 5 of the Legacy Network Podcast about living your life to make a difference with Amanda LaGrange from Tech Dump:

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05_ Business for Good, non-profit, social enterprise recycling
They were looking for the job training side and went into this industry because it lent itself better to their cause.

Tech Dump is a self funded non-profit.

It’s a great honor to use business for good. – Amanda LaGrange

72,000 pounds can create 1 job for an adult at Tech Dump for a year.

They create jobs from junk. – Amanda LaGrange

They had a passion for a cause and wrapped a self sustaining business model around it.

I’m contributing in a way that isn’t just growing an organization, it’s growing people. – Amanda LaGrange

The WHY factor is HUGE. – Amanda LaGrange

Amanda is so passionate about what she does she, “wears her Tech Dump shirt wherever she goes!” And you can be that passionate about what you do.

Top ways to get involved today helping people with work barriers:

1. Recycle with Tech Dump
2. Be a mentor to someone
3. Think through your own assumptions about people you see and meet

Resources / Links:

Cookie Cart: Another company that does job training. Listen to our podcast episode with them here – Changing Lives One Cookie at a Time

Tech Dump

Amanda LaGrange 

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