06: Using social media to share your passion and gain supporters

Welcome to the Legacy Network podcast episode 6. Get inspired in this podcast with Tena Pettis from Tenacious, a social media consulting and training company. She tells a bit of her story and the passion and why behind what she does. Learn how to live with a bigger why in your life even at a regular job and get some INCREDIBLE social media and Twitter tips to take your online profiles and gain traction offline and get results.


Grow social media and twitter with Tena Pettis

Why you should listen:

Tena tells you how to tell a better story online.
Find out how to get out of the day to day grind and connect to your purpose.
Learn what to do to get more buy in for your cause.
Learn how to tell a better story!
How to use Twitter lists to grow your social network.
Tena shares tips and tricks for social media and some helpful resources


Top Quotes

You know your spot. It’s a gut check – Tena Pettis
No matter what people do business with people they know like and trust – Justin Hayslett




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