07: Managing your home buying experience without losing your mind Podcast with Tena Pettis

In this episode of the Legacy Network podcast we change things up a little! This interview was conducted last fall when I was still doing a Minnesota real estate podcast, right as I was considering switching over to a podcast about making a difference and social entrepreneurship. So I am posting this podcast again after our last INCREDIBLE podcast interview with Tena Pettis last week! If you missed it, you missed out!

Head over and check out the last episode where Tena inspires you to live with a big why, how to find purpose in everyday life, and gives some great social media tips!

Here is the link: 06: Using social media to share your passion and gain supporters with Tena Pettis.

07: real estate podcast home buying tips social media Tena PettisIn this episode, I interviewed Tena right after she bought a new home so she shares FRESH tips for other home buyers out there. Not only was she buying a home, but she was balancing a family with three children, moving business offices, and running her own business! We talk about very helpful and practical tips for you to help manage your home buying experience without losing your mind!

Tena shares websites to use (or which ones NOT to use rather!), advice on picking the right real estate agent, and even specific questions to ask when you find one! This episode will help you immensely if you are going to be in the market for a new home any time soon!


Resources and Links:

Tena’s website

A link to a real estate app 

Episode 06 of our podcast with Tena

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