08: Finding your purpose in everyday life A podcast with Jodi Detrick

You don’t want to miss this incredible podcast with Jodi Detrick. Learn how to take your ordinary skills and abilities and connect it to a big why. Jodi is an author, speaker, and former columnist for the Seattle Times. There ARE SO many tweetable quotes from Jodi (To share them just highlight then share click to share on Facebook or Twitter)! In this episode, you will learn how to make a difference with your life even while in the waiting periods. Get inspired in the mundane to live a magnificent life that makes a difference. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a blogger, a social entrepreneur, a church leader, an employee, or whatever you can live a life of significance. 


05-Finding purpose leadership social entrepreneurship

Top 10 Tweetable Quotes

Your innate gifts and abilities from childhood can be clues to your destiny. @justinhayslett

“Knowing how way leads onto way, I doubted if I should ever come back.” Robert Frost

I’ve never had a master plan for my life, I’ve just had a Master with a plan. @Jodi_Detrick

The family is a great ground for learning and teaching leadership. @justinhayslett

The mundane prepares us for the magnificent. – Unknown

“Don’t compare your beginning with someone else end.”

master with a plan

There’s no rewind in our lives, but there is redemption. @Jodi_Derrick.

If you have the heart, you can learn the skill. @Jodi_Detrick

”Have thy tools ready, God will give thy work.” – Charles Kingsley

Let me never tell the story better than I live it. @jodi_Detrick



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