15: Impact the world through your christmas shopping A podcast and list on where to shop to make a difference


Doing good with your Christmas Shopping

Let’s face it, we all shop. A lot! Especially during the Christmas season. But what if we could do the shopping we need to do, yet make an incredible difference with it? I joined together with a few friends to compile a great list of cause driven organizations where you can impact the world THROUGH your shopping this year! I hope you enjoy this podcast interview!


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make a difference doing good christmas shopping


Minnesota Based Cause Companies


Nutty Snacks: www.nuttysnacks.com – All natural snacks made from organic ingredients.  A percentage of each sale goes to support organizations meeting the needs of kids locally and globally.

Peace Coffee: www.peacecoffee.com – All items featured below can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and are packaged in a bright red gift box on a bed of craft paper crinkles and include a cute gift card for FREE! To be sure it will get to your destination on time check our Shipping Information.

CityKid Java and Cookie Cart: http://www.citykidjava.com/order/ – $50 and $25 options

Breaking Bread Cafe: holiday catering and gift cards. http://breakingbreadfoods.com/

Accessories and personal care

BAM Essentials: complimentary gift wrapping and a free gift with every order through Dec 31, 2015. bamessentials.etsy.com

Fair Anita – http://www.fairanita.com/

Academy of Women’s Empowerment: bolsas for $25 http://www.puttingwomeninpower.com/new-products/

10K Villages: http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/

Fashionable: www.livefashionable.com

TOMS: www.toms.com

Thistle Farms: http://thistlefarms.org/

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself (CYNY): www.cyny.org


Arc’s Value Village: http://www.arcsvaluevillage.org/


Bead for Life: Joy Bangle Set – $30 (Save 50%!). 10 gorgeous Sanyu Bangles in an organza gift bag make this holiday set an incredible deal! Our most popular product arrives  in a variety of colors – the perfect gift for a friend, or for yourself! And free shipping on orders over $75. http://www.beadforlife.org/shop/collections/holiday-gift-sets.html

Women’s Bean Project: http://www.womensbeanproject.com/

Sseko gift sets: http://ssekodesigns.com/shop/gift-sets.html
MADE by DWC: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MADEbyDWC

THX: This month, with each online purchase, THX will GIFT you a second good of your choice for FREE to GIVE to a friend, family member, or maybe even a complete stranger. NOTE: Honor system applies. Pinky promises accepted! 🙂 Just enter promo code “thxgiving2015” www.thx.co

Purpose Box: http://mypurposebox.com/

Better Life Bags: www.betterlifebags.com – bags made by women in Detroit who are in the cycle of homelessness.

The Root Collective: www.therootcollective.com – had crafted shoes made in Guatemala.

Love41: www.love41.com – handbags and purses – 100% of the profits go to help people in Rwanda

Raven and Lily: www.ravenandlily.com – clothing.  Employ marginalized women and gives them a safe job, sustainable income, health care and a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Dignity Designs: www.heshimachildrenscenter.org – jewlery made by monthers of Kenyan children with disabilities.

The Giving Keys: www.thegivingkeys.com – personalized jewlery made from old keys by people transitioning out of homelessness.  ALSO – pay it forward!  Wear your word and then gift it to someone else who needs it.

Rooted Beauty: www.rootedbeauty.com – all natural skin care that provides vocational training and recovery counseling for women in bondage.

Free 2 Fly: www.projectfree2fly.com – bags, wallets, wristlets.  Serving unemployed women in their community.  Partner with other organizations through donations.  Also do a fundraising event…best of local goods, handmade mercantile and southern charm in TN.  Or you can donate directly to their programs through their website.

Purpose Coffee: www.purposecoffeeco.com – COFFEE!  100% of the proceeds from their coffee is used for child wellness projects in the same regions where their coffee originates.  Coffee from Ethiopia results in the proceeds going back to Ethiopia.

Mitscoots:  www.mitscoots.com – socks…made in the USA.  For every pair purchased they give away another pair to someone in need and they employ those less fortunate which allows them to provide for themselves.

The Shine Project: www.theshineprojects.com – jewlery made by inner city youth in America.  Purchasing from this company provides jobs for kids and allows them to break the cycle of poverty.

Sari Bari: www.saribari.com – unique, handmade blankets from Indian Sari’s.  Creating a space for restoration where women can rediscover their identity and dignity, on a solid foundation of love paired with economic opportunity. Self empowered, and truly the embodiment of what it means to be a hero, they find their feet and the courageous strength to live into freedom for themselves and their families.

Greenolastyle: www.greenolastyle.com – fair trade ethical fashion.  They provide advancement opportunities for artisans in marginalized regions of the world.

Paisley and Sparrow: www.paisleyandsparrow.com – collection of items that are pretty with a purpose.  A collection of products from organizations who are empowering and improving the lives of artisans….women from all over the world.

REDF Gift Guide: http://issuu.com/redfworks/docs/2015redfgiftguide?e=14351886/3
Social Enterprise Alliance Marketplace: https://socialenterprise.us/marketplace/
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