16: Give Your Time Week 2: Give series podcast

Give Your Time To make a difference

In week two of our Give Series on the Legacy Network Podcast I am joined by my amazing wife Alaya in talking about the importance of giving of your time to make a difference! Many of us shy away from getting involved with issues of human trafficking, helping orphans, or many of the other areas of injustice because it simply feels too daunting. Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you, because every number represents an individual and we need to focus on pouring our time into people, even if it’s just one!


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Give series: make a difference in human trafficking, helping orphans, potential

WHY give your time

  • There is no greater fulfillment than helping others
  • Greatness never comes from serving yourself, but from serving others.

Intention vs. Action

  • Intention without action is just daydreaming.

The three R’s of Commitment:

  1. Commit Rarely
  2. Commit Regularly
  3. Commit Radically


Top Quotes: (Highlight to share on your favorite social network)

Committing rarely and committing regularly are not the kind of people who change the world.
The people who change the world commit radically to a cause.
Greatness is more grungy than glamorous.
Are you willing to do the little things, that may eventually lead into the big things.
“Living by faith includes the call to something greater than cowardly self preservation.” J.R.R Tolkien
Get into the grungy work of greatness.
Examine your calendar, examine your life, and look at what really matters to you.


Show Links

Anti-Human Trafficking Organization: A21 campaign
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