The struggle for hope The essential battle for fulfilling your purpose

The fight we are in

The older I get the more I realize the fight I’m in. I didn’t know how hard the fight would be and I didn’t realize what was at stake. Every hardship, argument, sickness, disappointment, or failure is a strategic ambush to steal one of the most important areas of your life: hope. You can see it all around. Men and women who have been knocked out one to many times and have suffered the worst fate of all – a life lived without hope. Dreams gone. Expectations for any change or possible good happening demolished. Every fight in the marriage steals another seed of hope that things can get better. Every failed business attacks the belief that you can do this.

It’s why we stop short of all of our young dreams and hopes. Every high school graduation message is the same: WE CAN DO anything. Then life hits. And you begin to think, oh crap, no I can’t. I can’t do anything. What happens? You lose hope.

Hope awaits the turnaround

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It started out well

Maybe you set out with a mission to change orphan statistics, rescue human trafficked victims, stop domestic abuse, help build healthy families. But then life comes like a raging hurricane and works to tear down your castle of hope until hopelessness is screaming at the top of its lungs. Before you KNEW you could make a difference, now you are afraid that you never will and that what you do doesn’t matter. Before you saw the one who needed help, now you see the overwhelming statistics and feel like it will never get better.

The ultimate fight that we are is not the fight to do what’s in our heart to do. It’s to fight for hope that you can actually do that thing and never lose it. It’s continuing to hope that statistics can change, you can change, your marriage can change, your kids can change.

So hope again.

Fight the fight and take it out. Set your stakes in the ground that no matter what storm may come, your hope will not be torn down. That no matter how much damage the hurricanes of life hurl at you, out of the ruble your hope will be steadfast. Let’s be a people that can see through the what is to the what could be and hold to it no matter what.

Here’s some inspiration to keep you going:

Hope eagerly anticipates the turnaround at every corner.

HOPE NEVER loses heart

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